The oral paper presentation may be authored by an individual or by a group. The abstract should be in line with the main theme of the conference and linked to the conference’s sub-themes. The oral presentations will be grouped in parallel sessions based on the sub-themes. The abstract submitted should be 500 words or less.

Types of papers:

  1. Papers based on emprical research should include following titles:
    • Subject: The general scope of the subject is given.
    • Purpose: The purpose of the study is given.
    • Method: Information about the method adopted, the population / sample of the research, data collection tools and analysis method are given.
    • Findings: Research findings are included.
    • Discussion: Research findings are discussed and evaluated by referencing external sources.
    • Conclusion and Suggestions: The general scope of the research is given without repetition and final evaluations are made. Then, advanced research and policy recommendations are included.
  2. Papers not based on empirical research should include following titles:
    • Background and purpose of the presentation
    • A summary of the main points of the presentation;
    • How the presentation will address one or more of the conference’s aims and themes;
    • Conclusions from and implications of your presentation for practice, policy or further research.